Forty ecstatic guests were entertained at Stewart Thomas Manor, 2143, Boundary Avenue, Farmingdale New York. A great choice, close to everything yet a world away. The philosophy here is, ‘Excellence in catering’.

A groom’s night is very rowdy and guys have a lot of fun.The idea is that the bride is not present, as this is the last time a groom is free and away from his wife to be. The cake that was ordered from us had to capture that mood.

Black Sail Pirate Ship Cake

So, on a white fondant covered board we set a scene of murky waves surging over the beach sand, made from brown sugar. A treasure chest, still containing the glittering loot, was left near the pirate ship. The remains of an octopus in pink floats on the water.

Our artists creation of the ship, was very realistic in deep purple and gold, anchored nearby. Gold railings adorned the edges. Sombre black sails featuring the emblem of pirates, skulls and crossbows, adding a touch of foreboding to the mystical scene. The ship apparently abandoned, seemed derelict. However, for a more realistic moment of enjoyment we used a delicious filling of red velvet and cream cheese.

The cake, the vibes and the fun, was appreciated by all attending the party.

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Fifty guests were invited to attend a fiftieth birthday party at the Aurora Gallery 3518 37th Street, New York. This is a cultural setting for all types of artists to be able to show their works. Here, they use a great quotation: ‘This world is but a canvas to our imagination’.

The gallery also acts as a private versatile space for all types of events.

Johnny Walker Birthday Cake

The catering included a vibrant cake for the birthday. Our thoughts turned to the personality of the gentleman celebrating the occasion. The first stage was to fashion an image of him, wearing a white V neck shirt, dark blue pants and black shoes. We wanted him to be seated on the centre of the first tier, placing a bottle of Johnny Walker Whisky in an ice bucket, beside him. This was a most exciting scene, for the beginning of a hectic party!

The first tier of the cake was covered in a bright yellow fondant and patterned in fancy blue style stripes. The filling of vanilla chocolate and Dulce De Leche offered a great flavor.

The top tier was covered with a salmon pink fondant. Polka dots in multi shades placed all over, looked most attractive. A topper, the number50 stood out proudly in silver. A filling of vanilla chocolate and chocolate meringue butter cream flavored this tier. Surrounding the silver emblem, were gold and silver stars, bursting out all over. Sugared beads added a stunning fancy touch to the edgings.

On the salmon pink base, in white capitals, was the meaningful message ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’

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A birthday cake with a touch of class was ordered from our bakery, a Louis Vuitton briefcase! Looking almost like an original vintage, the message for this event was HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARL.

It was a time for celebration. Twenty guests were invited and enjoyed the party at a private venue. Our team followed every detail with care, so that they would create a cake to perfection. In fondant, the top was covered in the iconic LV pattern in the same coloring as used for a Louis Vuitton. This made it look extremely chic. A brown leather handle was put in place as well as gold reinforcing on all the corners.

LV Suitcase Birthday Cake for Earl

The cake stood on a piece of fondant, ruffled up to look like plush royal blue fabric, This in turn, stood on a platform of pure white edged in royal blue to match. The Happy Birthday words were written in bright yellow on the base, creating a great contrast.

Money was the theme of the day! Dollar notes hung out from the case and rolls of money were tossed all over, creating a haphazard image. These were all designed in fondant by our artists.

We took special pride in designing a cake for a connoisseur. As a delicious and sweet speciality we used a filling of vanilla and vanilla meringue butter, enjoyed by all.

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At the bakery, we are truly proud of all the different cakes we have produced, for so many meaningful occasions. This time, it was for a Bat Mitzvah. The celebration was held at Motivo, 915 Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. A very smart and versatile venue for any event. Seventy-five people were invited.

Lexington Avenue Bat Mitzvah Cake

The cake ordered for the occasion was an impressive choice. It is a time in Judaism, when a boy comes of age at thirteen. He is recognized as having the same rights as a full grown man and is now responsible for his decisions and actions. Often a celebratory party will follow the service.

We decided on a cake in three extremely stunning tiers. The vibrant inky blue background of the New York skyline was highlighted in black silhouettes of towering skyscrapers. These images were all lit up in bright lights and silver stars, to create a splendid radiant scene.

Across the second tier, taking central stage, were the illuminated four letters in capitals ‘LEXI’, a street sign Lexington Avenue showed the way!

The birthday cake stood proudly on a pure white fondant base, edged in pale blue. Around each tier was a white ribbon.

We used delicious fillings in each section. The first was vanilla and vanilla meringue butter cream, the second, vanilla and chocolate meringue butter cream and the top was chocolate vanilla meringue butter cream. Fabulous combinations to please any palette!

The topper, an elegant number 13 said it all. Bursting out brilliantly in celebration, were stars and hearts in silver, brightening up New York.

It is customary to use the word ‘Mazel Tov’ at these grand parties, it simply means congratulations.

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Golf Bag Cake

Golf Bag Cake

So you’ve read the title and now your thinking, “whats the problem”?  Last week a client approached us requesting a sculpted golf bag cake for their twins 8th birthday party.  As I began with our vanilla sheet cake, filled it with a chocolate meringue buttercream.  Iced and ready to sculpt, and then it hit me–I know nothing about golf.

Here is what I do know:

  1. Tiger Woods plays it
  2. Its better to have less points
  3. Happy Gilmore was a great movie

As I began sculpting it did not take long before I realized that the cake looked like a giant peanut rather than a golf bag.  That’s when I stopped and turned to a fellow co-worker;

“Hey Dan…do you play golf?” I asked

“Oh yeah! If you want I can bring in my golf bag tomorrow to use as a reference…”

So the next day I walk in to see a red golf bag on the table along with the cake.  A sigh of relief to see him working on the cake.

He covered the cake in a red fondant adding white and black accents.  Red and white stripped pockets with little black fondant zippers.  Modeling chocolate dusted in edible silver was used to create the golf clubs. He even placed a fondant tee and golf ball made out of white chocolate atop some sand, aka, brown sugar.  The entire cake was surrounded by piped green icing to look like grass.  It came out amazing! And thanks to Dan, looked nothing like a peanut, but a legit golf bag.  This golf bag cake was delivered to a home in Nassau County, Long Island.

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Three Tiered Sweet 16 Cake With Lavender and Purple

Three Tiered Sweet 16 Cake With Lavender and Purple

Sweet Sixteen’s are kind of a big deal, ask any fifteen years old.  While some girls don’t make a big fuss over it, a good majority of American teenage girls are counting down the days till this special day.  Of course if you’re going to have a big party, with a big dress, you’re going to need a big cake.  Last week we created a three tier topsy turvy sweet sixteen cake to be delivered to “Warehouse 5” in Island Park on Long Island.

This three tier vanilla cake with the fan-favorite vanilla meringue buttercream stood beautifully.   The purple and lavender fondant color matched the party invitations. Another little detail that makes a lovely difference on her special day.  Both the bottom and top tiers of the sweet sixteen cake were dressed in lavender with violet and white retro-style dots. The cake’s middle tier was covered in deeper lavender with bold violet zebra stripes. Stars surrounded the birthday cake while fondant balls rested at the bottom of each tier. All the while sticking to the colors our client had given us. Atop the number “16” was rolled out of colored modeling chocolate. People come to us not only because we make awesome cakes, but it’s the little details that make all the difference.  Airbrushed with edible ultra-shimmer glitter is our sweet ending to a perfect Long Island cake, and your perfect night.


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If you have a young one at home, or know of any child under the age of ten, then we’re sure you know the Yo Gabba Gabba craze.  The Yo Gabba Gabba show, and all its antics, draws kids to it like a sponge. The hit TV show has taken the world by storm, as well as our cake shop. Yo Gabba Gabba’s main characters consists of :

  • DJ Lance Rock – A male DJ who is the narrator and a friend of the other characters.
  • Muno – A male friendly red cyclops.
  • Foofa – A female flower bubble character who’s “pink and happy.” She loves flowers, rainbows and unicorns and can play the tambourine.
  • Brobee – A male little green monster.
  • Toodee – A blue female arctic cat-dragon who likes to have fun. She has a close bond with Plex and is the bassist for the Gabba band. She lives in an arctic realm, with icicles.
  • Plex – A male magic yellow robot. He is portrayed as being smart and as the leader of Gabba Land. He can play the keytar.

Here are some examples of our awesome Yo Gabba Gabba inspired cakes:

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Five Tiered Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Five Tiered Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Pink Yo Gabba Cake with Cupcakes

Pink Yo Gabba Cake with Cupcakes

Yo Gabba Plex Cake

Yo Gabba Plex Cake

We deliver these Yo Gabba Gabba cakes anywhere in the New York metro area, including Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and even upstate New York and New Jersey.

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When it comes to the colors of Baby Shower cakes, its traditionally been pink or blue thats been incorporated, including shades of green and yellow, especially if the sex of the baby is unknown.

Sometimes clients will approach with a “gender surprise cake” request.  In which case the child’s gender is unknown to the party until they cut into the cake itself.  Inside the cake will be dyed blue or pink according to the sex of the baby. Gender surprise cakes are usually a composition of sky blue, pale pink, light green and yellow, in a fashion that may work for either a boy or a girl. Whether “Its A Surprise” or “Its A Boy”, one things for certain–expect a playfully adorable cake.

ABC Blue Baby Shower Cake

ABC Blue Baby Shower Cake

We’ve done a handful of carved baby shower cakes. The three most common are the baby butt cake, pregnant belly cake, and the baby carriage cake:

Pregnant Belly Cake

Pregnant Belly Cake

New Born Baby Carriage Cake

New Born Baby Carriage Cake

A lot goes into our Baby Shower cakes at CMNY Cakes.  As it should.  The event itself does not occur very often.  Glittery shades of pink, cute little safari animals, sky blue baby booties, fondant sculpted baby bottles, bibs-the possibilities are endless and adorable.

We deliver these baby shower cakes anywhere in the New York metro area, including Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and even upstate New York and New Jersey.

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Black Grey and Yellow 50th Birthday Cake

Black Grey and Yellow 50th Birthday Cake

A simply elegant, yet masculine two tiered chocolate cake with chocolate meringue buttercream filling.  The cake was covered and accessorized in black, white, yellow, grey and silver fondant.  The top tier was airbrushed silver with black, white and yellow stripes.  A dark grey “50” stood on top. Also a miniature yellow electric guitar, soccer ball, and golf bag were added.  The mini golf bag on the birthday cake was made out of yellow fondant while the mini soccer ball and yellow guitar were made out of a colored modeling chocolate/fondant mix.  All of these beautiful accessories taste great too!

We think one of the best part of this cake is a series of photos of the birthday man that the  client had given us.  The pictures were edited to look like a film strip and printed on edible paper and ink.  The cake was delivered to Manhattan in New York City.

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Cupcakes are an old favorite that are showing a resurgence these days, especially in the form of cupcake towers.  This cupcake tower along with an adorable 6 inch cake is a perfect treat for any occasion.  The delicious vanilla cupcakes topped with a vanilla meringue buttercream and bright little stars are a perfect compliment to the fun brightly colored cake that sits on top.

Bright Colored Cake and Star Cupcakes

Bold Colored Cake with Star Cupcakes

A cupcake tower with a single tier cake on top can be an affordible for an event. They are great additions to birthday parties, baby showers, you can even spice up your next company meeting!  Cupcakes are also available in addition to any order.

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