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Each one of our wedding cakes are made to order, with each cake tailored to the bride and groom's tastes. No matter what you're looking for, our cake will be a perfect compliment to you on your big day.

Careful attention is paid to the little details, and to get them right, we would be glad to set up a cake consultation to meet in person at the shop. Come in with a design in mind or have us help inspire the perfect cake for your wedding; you'll find that we're a perfect match. You'll also be given the chance to try different cake flavors and fillings, and perhaps come up with a combination that you never thought would work.

Browse through images of past creations and let's get a cake inspired!

IMG_2057 1031.jpg 1045.jpg black damask n fuchsia
1101.jpg 1160.jpg IMG_1321 More Wedding Cakes
Having a birthday party? Responsible for the cake at that baby shower? Or how about that corporate event at the office?

At CMNY Cakes - Cakes by Mona, we can do just about anything in cake. From a monstrous three feet tall sculpted cake to a cake with sophistication and elegance, we've got it covered. Browse through the gallery of cake pics and picture your next cake!

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IMG_2152.jpg Cakes for All Occasions - First Colorful Stripes IMG_2234.jpg More
Looking for that jaw-dropping cake for that upcoming event? Check out the gallery to see some of the spectacular sculpted cakes we've done in the past. At CMNY Cakes - Cakes by Mona, we can do it all: cartoon characters, muscle cars, puppies, sports mascots; whatever is it!

We suggest you come up with some ideas, likes and dislikes, and we'll do the rest. For larger orders, we can set up a cake consultation where we'll meet, discuss and try out some cake. Either way, the process for picking that next cake is a painless one. Whether you decide where every piping shall go or leave it up to us to take care of the details, you will surely have a beautifully sculpted cake for you next event!

3D Tinkerbell cake Yoda cake Sculpted Cakes - World of Warcraft Bride and Groom Sculpted Cakes - Yale Bulldog (2nd Time)
Rocky the Robot Truck Cake Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen cake Spiderman Cake More 3D cakes
What is organic anyway? Organic produce and other ingredients are those grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce eggs and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

At CMNY Cakes, most of our ingredients are USDA certified organic. However, we can ensure that ALL ingredients are organic for your order. There are subtle differences in working with organic ingredients and generally cost more; however we feel the costs pail in comparison to the healthier cakes and desserts created. We have perfected the recipes and invite you to set up a consultation, where you'll have the opportunity to try the cake yourself. Please let us know in advance of the consultation that you would like to try our organic cakes and fillings. Though consultations are generally complementary, a nominal charge may apply to organic cakes, which will be credited to your order if you decide to book the cake. Please call to see if this would apply for your consultation.

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