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What is organic anyway? Organic produce and other ingredients are those grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce eggs and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

At CMNY Cakes, most of our ingredients are USDA certified organic. However, we can ensure that ALL ingredients are organic for your order. There are subtle differences in working with organic ingredients and generally cost more; however we feel the costs pail in comparison to the healthier cakes and desserts created. We have perfected the recipes and invite you to set up a consultation, where you'll have the opportunity to try the cake yourself. Please let us know in advance of the consultation that you would like to try our organic cakes and fillings. Though consultations are generally complementary, a nominal charge may apply to organic cakes, which will be credited to your order if you decide to book the cake. Please call to see if this would apply for your consultation.

Our vegan cakes are the healthiest around - and they are absolutely delicious as well!  We have tested and perfected our recipes to ensure we maintain the texture and flavor we expect.  These cakes are sure to please event the most finicky of palettes, and are perfect for those conscious of the beings we share this earth with.

We can make any size vegan cake for any size event, from infant birthday cakes to elegant, multi-tiered wedding cakes. We offer the following variations to our vegan cake recipes:

  • Wheat-free cakes and desserts
  • Gluten-free cakes and desserts
  • Sugar-free cakes and desserts

Central to baking cakes that fit with the vegan mantra of living a gentler and kinder existence, is that certain ingredients must be replaced:

  • Butter: Because of the animal derivation of butter, we replace butter, usually with oil
  • Dairy Milk: We usually replace dairy milk with organic soy milk
  • Eggs: Eggs are replaced with different types of commercially available egg-replacers
  • Sweetener: Because crystallized white sugar is sometimes whitened using animal bones, we sweeten cakes using special vegan sugar, with no bone char used.

There are many reasons to choose an eggless cake. Some people have allergies to eggs while others are Hindus and don't eat eggs for religious reasons. In any case, you'll love our eggless cakes and wonder how we did it. We have tested and perfected our recipes to ensure we maintain the texture and flavor one expects from a CMNY cake. These cakes are sure to please event the most finicky of palettes. Call or email us to find out more about our eggless cakes.

For those with Diabetes or who would just like to reduce the amount of sugar-intake in their diets, CMNY Cakes offers a low-sugar or even sugar-free version of almost any cake flavor.  We bake with what is known as "sugar-alcohol", which are much healthier than aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners available on the market.  Sugar alcohol is used in many low-sugar and sugar-free products, including many popular chewing gums.

Baking with sugar-alcohol is no easy task, as some of the leavening and moistening qualities of sugar are not present in sugar-alcohol. We have, however, perfected the recipe and confidently offer it alongside the rest of our "menu" of cake flavors.

While we can bake almost any cake flavor and in almost any shape in a low-sugar/sugar-free version, any cake fillings made with fruit will have natural sugars (sucrose), which can cause problems for those with Diabetes.   If this is the case, we suggest a buttercream based cake filling (for example chocolate- or vanilla-flavored), which can be made sugar-free.

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