Black and white may sound boring! But we had a great time making this super stylish wedding cake and the result was certainly not boring! The monochome colors were imposing and sophisticated, in perfect keeping with the ambiance of the wedding theme.

The cake was created with three round tiers all covered in a pure white fondant. They stood on a white round base. The top and lower tier were decorated with a very stylish large quilted pattern and the middle tier contrasted in a plain design creating a perfect balance. We cut wide black ribbons of fondant and used them to decorate the base of the bottom tier and the base of the top tier.

Instead of a topper, the bride wanted the top of the cake to be plain and asked for a monogram to be placed on the front of the cake. We decided to showcase the monogram inside a plaque. The plaque was designed in an intricately ornate vintage style. It featured a luxurious antique gold color with a curvaceous border, beading and decorative swirling accents. Inside the plaque we crafted the initials G and J in a beautiful old-style flowery font.

A matching black ribbon was positioned around the centre of the middle tier and the plaque was placed on top, making it the focal point of this very unique and classy cake.

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