Henry, the five-year-old birthday boy, was mad about Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat so our creative team came up with a cake that would charm and delight him. The final result was as quirky and endearing as the well-known anthropomorphic cat that children love.

It was a tall cake placed on a round blue base, with the birthday message formed in fondant letters at the edge of the base. It depicted the famous cat in his red and white-striped hat, with his signature quizzical grin. The birthday boy’s age was written on the tall hat in red and white fondant.

The hat teetered a bit precariously as the cat peeped out mischievously from beneath it, ready to cause mayhem in the guests’ mouths. The well-loved cat’s features are picked out in black and white. His fluffy paws frame his grinning face, as though he is just about to pounce down from the table and send the children into fits of laughter.

Let’s hope the Cat in the Hat doesn’t unleash Thing One and Thing Two!

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