Covering a wedding cake with delicious chocolate leaves was a fun and different experience for our team. They really enjoyed creating this mouthwatering creation in turquoise fondant and chocolate.

The choice of turquoise lent a serene and refreshing air to this creation. The calming color, reminiscent of a tranquil sea, would have subdued the nerves of a jittery bridal couple. The rich dark chocolate details added a delectable warmth to the finished product.

It was made up of four tiers layered on top of each other in ascending size. The finished product was placed on a square base layered in edible turquoise fondant. The sides of all four tiers were picked out in rich dark chocolate, which had been finely crafted into delicately detailed chocolate leaves. Who could have guessed that something so classic to look at could also be mouthwateringly delicious?

These ornate chocolate leaves decorating all four sides of each tier reminded guests of Roman nobles wearing laurel wreaths. They served as a glorious finishing touch to a wedding cake fit for a king and queen. 

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