This tantalizing two tiered cake was made for little Alisia on her birthday from St Albanus in New York. The cake would serve at least 20 people. The cake itself is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. The cake features two tiers. It sits on a board covered in a pink fondant with a bright pink ribbon. Black fondant cover takes most of the share on the lower tier with lovely baby pink dots that run all around the cake. There are large and small dots strategically placed aesthetically around the tier. On the front side of the first tier, an emblem of figure 3 sits, which represents how old the birthday girl is. Of course, this can be customized for however old your daughter (or you!) will be. The cake transits to another round tier. This lovely tier is decorated in pink and black. Minnie Mouse silhouetted faces run all around the cake with pink bow ties on top of each one. A few polka dots are sporadically distributed around the cake. On top sits a Minnie hat which is decorated in black fondant, and Alisia’s name is created in pink to make a contrasting effect. To finish the look of this birthday cake is a bow. The bow is both in black and pink with some small dots to go with it.
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