When the series 'Vikings' was launched on the History Channel we were honoured to have been asked to make a cake for the occasion! The function was a corporate affair and we had to cater for 30 to 40 people. We started with a square base and covered it with a dark grey fondant. Around the edge of the base we ran a red ribbon. We then made a pitch black piece of fondant to look like a cloth and draped it onto the base where it falls into folds. On top of the cloth we placed the Vikings logo, which was perfectly re-created to look exactly like the one in the series. The logo is designed in a 'V' shape to capture the spirit of Viking culture. On the left we have an ornate section which represent classic Viking symbols. One symbol stands for technology and ship building, another growth and life, and the third for brotherhood and family. On the right we have the elements of war. A flat piece of silver fondant is cut to represents the cracked blade of a sword. Red splashes indicating blood are found on the sword and running down the side of the v-shape. Our filling of red velvet and cream cheese was very suitable to perfectly compliment the warrior theme and the guests were delighted with the cake that looked exactly like the logo!
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