This unusual cake with a wild animal theme was made for a birthday event which catered for 50 people. The main cake itself was a small, round tier, only 6" high, but is was surrounded by 50 wild cupcakes which created a fun and different look! We started with the main tier which featured a wild cheetah print pattern. Each cheetah spot was meticulously created in black and orange fondant and placed onto a golden-yellow base. The tier stands on a round base which was covered in plain black fondant with a brown border. A lovely loopy letter 'M' , in black, stands as a topping. We then made 50 scrumptious small cupcakes to surrounding the tier. The cheetah design was continued onto some of the cup cakes to match the centre-piece. Others embraced the wild animal theme with a stunning zebra print in black and white, and a few sported a spotted leopard print in black and brown. To balance the look, we added in some plain cup cakes iced in a light brown shade. The main cake was filled with vanilla, cream cheese and strawberry and the cup cakes were a combination of vanilla and chocolate. This fun and different cake caused quite a sensation at the birthday party!
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