Little Declan is a fan of 'Thomas and Friends' and when he saw his birthday cake he was over the moon! Declan's Thomas the Train only has one major difference from the real one, it has a number '2' instead of a number '1', but little Declan had no problem with that, because this was his second birthday! We had the greatest fun creating Thomas. The train stands on a circular base covered with shiny black fondant. We put a bright red ribbon around the base which creates a great contrast. The words 'Happy 2nd Birthday Declan' are made in a yellow fondant and are placed on the base. The fun little train is a perfect replica of the original. The body is a bright blue color. It has a red front panel and red designs on the sides and top. The white face has big round eyes and a smiley mouth and looks out from the front of the engine. His cheeks are puffy and his cute little eyebrows are black triangles. The engine has little black windows with yellow borders. Four blue wheels on either side complete the train and Thomas is ready to set off on his next adventure! The 30 guests loved the little train and the delicious vanilla and chocolate filling inside.
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