Perri is 'Fabulous at 40' and loving her birthday party! This was a fun and unusual cake to make. We started with a lovely blush-pink fondant base surrounded by a pink and white ribbon. Placed in the center of the base, is a huge luxurious couch done in a tan shade. The couch is decorated with silver dragees forming borders around the arms and along the back. Lovely comfortable cozy cushions are scattered on the couch. They are made in shades of light and dark pink. Each cushion has a lacy edging and a meticulously detailed pattern giving them a plush fabric look. The lady of the day, Perri, sits on the couch with her arms outstretched and a small gift in her hand. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink dress with a flowing skirt made up of many layers. The dress has a stylish halter neck top and she has fashionable red shoes to match her bright red lipstick. Scattered at her feet are all the gifts from her friends! We made fun little gift boxes in different shades of pink, white and brown. Each box has a contrasting ribbon and a pretty bow on the top. The main present, a white box with a brown lid, has the name 'Perri' on top in bold white letters. Red velvet and cream cheese filling made this into a delightfully fun and fanciful cake for the 15 people who attended the birthday celebration.
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