This stunning creation showcased the warm colors of Fall, in tones of red, yellow and orange. It beautifully captured the changing of the seasons, with winter on its way and the promise of Spring in the future. These lovely warm shades brought a rich array of symbolism to the event. Red means action, energy and passion. Orange was used for warmth and happiness. Yellow is hope and finding new ways of doing things, cheerfulness and fun, and lastly brown brings stability, support and structure.

The cake design consisted of four round tiers, placed on a round stand. Each tier was covered in ivory fondant and was highlighted with a red ribbon wrapped around its base. The stand was contrasted with a black ribbon.

The Fall branch was the focal point of the cake. This rich, thick stem was created with dark brown fondant forming branches and twigs, indented to add an authentic natural textured look. It was placed on the lower tier and meandered upwards finishing at the top. On the branches we placed delicate hand made, fondant flowers in lovely fall colors of deep reds, orange and yellow.

This unique cake offered delectable fillings and was enjoyed by all at the special occasion. 

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