Our fire truck cake was an inspired idea for this special 50th birthday and our designers set to work, creating a 3D cake that was a perfect replica of a fire truck, loved by both kids and adults.

The truck stood on a blue base board with the birthday message prominently displayed in white letters.

The cake was covered in a white fondant and featured a white and sky blue stripe around the body. The cake's dominant color, white, was the ideal color to highlight the red emergency lights of the vehicle, almost giving the impression that the lights were on.

Contrasting in silver, we added a front bumper, silver wheel rims and a ladder on the roof. The design was finished with black wheels, silver hubcaps and the fire-fighters emblem proudly displayed on the side.

This cake impressed even in the little details. The yellow hose that snaked out from underneath the truck and the red fire hydrant standing alongside it, gave the impression of a real fire truck putting out a fire. One would be forgiven for expecting firemen to jump out of the truck!

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