This simple yet elegant wedding cake consisted of five tiers layered on top of each other in order of size. The whole creation was placed on a solid square foundation. Each tier had a simple gold band of creamy fondant at its base, which echoed the gold band of the traditional wedding rings. These gold bands served as an elegant symbol of the couples’ promise of eternal love.

The second and fourth tiers were decorated with fondant that had been carefully crafted to create a sumptuous quilting effect, with petite white pearls placed delicately in each corner of the pattern. The alternate layers were smooth yet had been dotted with the same small white pearls. This added to the overall elegance of the creation.

A single delicately hued fuchsia orchid was placed at the base of each tier in a symmetrical pattern. The top tier was covered in a posy of the palest pink fuchsia orchids, each with a carefully shaded pale yellow center.

This understated creation made the loving couple very happy. 

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