Our creative design team was thrilled to work on this ethereal creation for a special wedding. The cake, with its gold dragees and butterflies, was elegantly rendered in ivory white fondant that had been given a translucent sheen.

The bottom tier was square in shape and was placed on a solid square base. This created an interesting foundation for the two top tiers, which were both circular. At the base of each tier was finely crafted pearl-like beading, created in a creamy fondant and reminiscent of a string of pearls. This elegant touch was perfectly echoed in the gold dragees that were strategically scattered along the sides of each tier in a gently curving pattern. Both the pearl beading and the gold dragees gave this wedding cake an opulently embroidered feel. 

This effect was given even more impact by the jewel-like butterflies that were scattered seemingly randomly on each of the three tiers. Each butterfly was masterfully crafted, with wings so delicately rendered with a soft sheen that one could almost see the wings moving.

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