This elegant masterpiece of a grand piano cake was cleverly conceived and rendered by our creative design team. Its stylish presence commanded guests’ attention as it stood on the rectangular base, which was covered in a rich red velvety fondant. The simple birthday message at the foot of the grand piano was written in a classically curly font using white icing.

This grand piano creation had all the classic lines of the timeless instrument, with a superbly crafted creamy white and polished black fondant keyboard. The pedals at the foot of the instrument were rendered in black fondant with silver detailing. The body of the piano was created from black fondant, made to look like the protective mahogany of the traditional classical instrument. This wood-look fondant casing was formed to surround the sound board and strings. One could almost see the pedals moving in rhythm and the strings thrumming in harmony to the music.

The finished product was so realistic one could picture the music maestro tinkling the ivories, ending the recital and then leaving the stage with a sweep of his black jacket. 

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