Fifteen little guests joined Justin to celebrate his first birthday party at Ditch Plains, 100 West 82nd Street New York. Here, children are always made welcome and they enjoy the laid back atmosphere. The staff, warm and friendly, add to the enjoyment of the day. Our artists decided to please the children with a cake looking like an authentic dragon in the palest of green fondant. Brick orange spikes stood up on his back, and we spotted the delightful little monster with sugar dotted discs,from the top of his head to the very end of the tail. He was really cute, staring out at the little ones, through his delightful black eyes. Every one of them fell in love with him. On the simple brick orange base we printed the message in capitals, 'HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JUSTIN'. The dragon looking so lifelike, almost too good to be eaten, but of course he was, and how they really enjoyed the treat, especially with our filling of vanilla and vanilla meringue butter cream. Our birthday boy was so excited, as a special surprise we left a smash cake (not shown in the picture) for him to finish, by licking off all the cream to his delight.
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