This wedding confection was an absolute delight for our designers to work on. The bride requested a theme of hydrangeas and sea shells. This interesting motif was carried out to perfection in the three-tiered wedding cake that our design team lovingly created.

It was carefully crafted in a pale oyster pink fondant with a translucent sheen, made up of three round tiers, and placed on a round silver base. An assortment of delicately crafted lustered sea shells like periwinkles, scallops and whelks, was scattered along the base of each tier. To enhance the effect further, detailed clam shells and starfish were placed against the walls of each layer to form lovely focal points. Just by gazing at this cake, one was transported to a sandy shore with waves breaking rhythmically on the sand.

To entice the eye even more, delicately shaded blue hydrangea blossoms were placed asymmetrically on the two bottom tiers, while the third hydrangea blossom was placed on the top tier. This frothy bloom decorated the topmost tier with its dainty pale blue petals. The whole effect was mouthwateringly exquisite.

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