Julia loves Alice in Wonderland, and the grinning Cheshire Cat is her favourite character. We created this cake for the occasion of her 4th birthday and it was a great success! The base of the cake is covered in equal-sized square black and white fondant pieces to create a neat chequered pattern. Around the base, we have a pink ribbon which matches with the big pink grin of the cat. The famous Cheshire Cat sits on the base. He is built up from a base cake of 12” by 18”. He has a large fat body done in light and dark pink strips. We fashioned him to look just like the cat in the movie! His eyes are white and he has a red nose and black whiskers. His grin is huge and permanent and gives a hint of his mischievous personality! On the base, we have dropped a white ribbon of fondant with the words 'Julia’s 4th un-Birthday in Wonderland' written in black. Alice in Wonderland cannot be without a clock, and we have created a small yellow clock which stands next to the ribbon. Cheshire Cat didn't cause any problems for Julia on her birthday, and the 30 guests all tucked into the vanilla and chocolate hazelnut butter cream filling!
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