This creation transported the guests to an exotic Indian wedding with this Indian Elephant on Pillows cake.

The eye-catching work of art was placed on a square white pedestal covered in sari-orange fondant. Two pillows formed the base on which the Indian elephant stood.

The bottom pillow was rendered in a ruby red fondant, with great attention to detail shown on the gold braiding on the edges and the delicate gold beaded flowers along the sides of the fondant pillow. The second pillow continued the theme of the rich mosaic of colors found in India, with a bright combination of teal, purple and gold. The purple fondant was layered over the teal surface and ornate gold braiding was added on the sides and at the top. This gold detailing was textured to perfection. The pillows even had little touches of pink and gold beads embroidered on the corners.

The realistic-looking Indian elephant had an ornate cover in red, gold and teal on its back. The basket was perched on its back with two beautifully made figurines in it, dressed in teal and white. They looked like they were enjoying the ride. 

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