We always love a challenge and creating this iPhone 4 cake was just that! It was ordered for a Bar Mitzvah for Ben. This is a special celebration for a Jewish boy when he turns 13 and the religious ceremony is usually followed by a large party. In this case, we catered for 75 guests and we created a cake to resemble Ben's favourite cannot-be-without gadget, his iPhone 4! We started with two 12" x 18" cakes and joined them to make a rectangular shape. We placed the cakes onto a white base draped with a piece of plush red fondant which has folds to look likes a soft velvety cloth. A black ribbon surrounds the border of the base and the words 'Mazel Tov Ben' are created in large capital letters in white. The cake is covered in a shiny black fondant which resembles the outer cover of the phone. The sides of the phone are done in a silver fondant with indents for buttons and controls which give it a totally authentic solid look. We then had great fun meticulously creating the icons for the apps that Ben uses. At the top left, we have the green message icon, next to that we have the calender with the date, 23, and a picture of Ben on the photo app. The standard camera icon is in the top right hand corner. We placed other icons that Ben uses on the screen too, Facebook, iTunes, phone, weather and mail are must-haves for any thirteen year old! Ben and his friends were delighted with the cake. The filling was a simple vanilla which was fitting for a great occasion!
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