This Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle looked like it had just emerged from the bike showroom. Our design team went to town with this realistic rendition of a red motorbike with black and chrome detailing set against a green fondant background. This Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle was built for speed, but our cake designers did their utmost to ensure that it was made for taste.

The chunky wheels looked like they’d been polished and were ready for action on the racetrack. They’d been carefully crafted with black fondant for the tires and red fondant for the spokes with a chrome fondant hubcap. One could almost hear the throaty hum of the chrome spoiler as the bike rider accelerated down the straight. But guests were happy to know that it was all deliciously edible.

This birthday cake was finely molded by our clever cake makers to represent the body shape of the red motorcycle that was its namesake. The streamlined form of the cake added to the realistic effect. The black fondant was carefully formed to represent the black leather seat so that the bike driver could ride in style and comfort. The entire creation made the motorcycle enthusiast’s birthday one to remember.

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