Our designers brought to life Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen affectionately known as McQueen. The design was made to please all the little ones and especially the fans of the animated movie ‘Cars’.

McQueen was created as a 3D cake, standing on a white base. He was covered with his traditional red shade, using fondant in the exact color. He had a lightning bolt and the number 95 emblazoned on his side in tones of yellow and red with black outlines. He was sporting his customary smile, wide open eyes and black lashes. His wheels were done in black with red hubcaps and black dots to look like authentic wheel bolts. On the bonnet, our designers recreated the classic Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment advert belonging to the sponsors of this iconic car. The cake was finished off with the words ‘Happy Birthday Mohamed’ in bold black fondant capitals.

McQueen has become a legend in films, toys, stickers and as a print on kiddies T-shirts and our cute cake helped to keep the legend alive at this special birthday celebration.

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