A birthday cake with a touch of class was ordered from our bakery, a Louis Vuitton briefcase! Looking almost like an original vintage, the message for this event was HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARL. It was a time for celebration. Twenty guests were invited and enjoyed the party at a private venue. Our team followed every detail with care, so that they would create a cake to perfection. In fondant, the top was covered in the iconic LV pattern in the same coloring as used for a Louis Vuitton. This made it look extremely chic. A brown leather handle was put in place as well as gold reinforcing on all the corners. The cake stood on a piece of fondant, ruffled up to look like plush royal blue fabric, This in turn, stood on a platform of pure white edged in royal blue to match. The Happy Birthday words were written in bright yellow on the base, creating a great contrast. Money was the theme of the day! Dollar notes hung out from the case and rolls of money were tossed all over, creating a haphazard image. These were all designed in fondant by our artists. We took special pride in designing a cake for a connoisseur. As a delicious and sweet speciality we used a filling of vanilla and vanilla meringue butter, enjoyed by all.
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