A Marine Corps Graduation is a serious and prestigious affair and we were honoured to create this cake for one young graduate! The cake was styled in the tradition of the Marine Blue Dress uniform which is worn for this occasion. In order to cater for a huge event of 80 guests, we built up a cake of four tiers, each one reflecting different elements of the uniform and the occasion. Standing on a red base, we have six sided lower tier covered in the traditional midnight blue shade of the uniform with gold and red stripes. The second tier is covered in white fondant and features a red cummerband which is worn around the waist. We meticulously recreated the emblem of the Marine Corps and placed it in the center of the band. The third tier features a stunning embossed gold medal design set on midnight blue. The top tier is symbolic of the smart jacket of the uniform, with its gold buttons and snow-white under shirt. We have placed the two arms of the anchor in the front of the cake, in white, and used the theme of the gold braided anchor rope as a finishing feature around the base of each tier. Placed on top of the cake is the famous eagle, crafted in a brilliant gold fondant with all the detail etched in, to look totally authentic. The cake was delivered to Armando & Pablo’s restaurant in Brooklyn and it was the perfect center-piece for a magnificent celebration!
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