Our innovative cake design team created a nostalgic evocation of family reunions in the fall with this masterpiece. This whimsical creation was set on a rectangular base. It depicted the garden of the house, with a set of stairs on the side that led to the kerb. The ingeniously detailed fall leaves were done in a rich golden-brown. They lay scattered over the green grass base.

The old clapboard house was beautifully rendered in mint green fondant with black fondant for the shingled roof. The front façade of the house with its row of windows looked very realistic. The windows were dressed in pretty blinds depicted with white fondant. There was a picturesque entrance staircase with finely crafted black fondant for the wrought iron railing.

Grandpa was out in the garden raking the crisp fall leaves, while Grandma watched on the steps by the front door. The stark fall trees were cleverly done in a chocolate brown fondant. There was even the fun touch of a creamy white fondant hammock strung between two trees.

This ingenious depiction of a well-loved old home with Grandma and Grandpa evoked cherished memories for the lucky guests. 

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