This 3D cake creation of a Nissan 350Z was a fun challenge for our creative design team. It was proudly placed on a black rectangular base perched on a pedestal. This made the Nissan 350Z cake creation really stand out.

The edible wheels were realistically rendered from black fondant. Silver fondant was added to the inner rims of the tires to represent the shiny chrome hubcaps. Our designers cleverly angled the front wheels slightly to make it seem as though this bright orange sports car had just pulled up with a screech of brakes.

The shiny body of this two-seater car was realistically crafted from orange fondant, which had been molded to form the sporty curves for which this Nissan is so well known. The orange body work was also given a realistic sheen, making it look like this roadster had just been polished. The two-door effect was cleverly created with fine detailing and a silver fondant door handle.

The attention to detail could be seen in the trademark rear of this roadster, with its elongated red brake lights, a number plate, and even an aerial – all of which were edible.

All in all, a sporty masterpiece. 

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