Our designers outdid themselves with this depiction of a New York Police Department squad car cake. The NYPD was beautifully represented here with a 3D squad car creation in creamy blue, white and red fondant, with accents of black for the wheels, bumpers and windows.

It was so realistic that the guests could almost hear the screech of brakes and the pealing of the siren when the cake was unveiled. The lettering on the side of the squad car was a sweet reminder to all present of the values prized by the New York Police Department: Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect.

The guests were thrilled to see that the squad car lights and siren were edible. Even the four black wheels with shiny silver hubcaps offered a tasty treat.

This cake stood out because it was placed on a pedestal, which made for easy viewing and licking of lips from all angles. There was a tasty message written on the cheerful yellow fondant banner placed at the edge of the pedestal, showing that this yummy creation was made with ‘One of New York’s Finest’ in mind.

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