Our designers had a lot of fun with this mouthwatering creation. It consisted of a delicious cake artfully crafted into a very realistic-looking crusty loaf of freshly baked bread. Alongside this was the second part of the cake, which turned out to be even more fun than the first. This delicious confectionery was fashioned into a chunky pastel pink bowl filled to the brim with al dente ‘pasta’ in a rich Neapolitan sauce scattered with a few ripe black olives and a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan. It was ready to be served up with the chunky spoon that had been placed in the bowl.

The whole effect was so realistic that you could almost see the fragrant steam wafting off the dish. All the parts were painstakingly sculpted using fondant wrapped around our signature mouthwatering cake.

This whimsical creation was placed on a sturdy base treated with a natural woodgrain effect, as though it had just been delivered steaming hot from a homely Italian kitchen, by someone called Luigi.

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