Alli is very stylish lady who loves a classic Martini after a hard day at work. Her friends ordered this fun cake for her birthday and we had a fun time making it too! We started with a rectangular base and covered it in an ivory shaded fondant. A red ribbon runs around the edge of the base. We then took a thin piece of ivory fondant and draped it onto the base to resemble a cloth that has fallen in soft folds. Two huge cakes were cut into the oval shape of an olive. We covered each one in a shiny olive green fondant. Peeking out from the front of each cake is a bright red piece of fondant which looks exactly like a pimento stuffing. We skewered the olives together with a thin stick and twisted a small thin red ribbon around the end of the stick. Good enough to garnish any great Martini! As a final touch, we added the words 'Happy Birthday Alli' in a bright red fondant along the front of the base. The cake filling was a scrumptious combination of red velvet and cream cheese butter cream which was enjoyed by the 20 guests at the party.
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