This elegant extravaganza of a wedding cake was carefully conceptualized by our creative design team for a special wedding. It was beautifully rendered in five tiers, layered with the largest tier at the base and the smallest tier perched at the top. Each tier was made from milk-white fondant with a satiny ribbon at its base done with a dark chocolate fondant.

The finely crafted branch of pink blossoms - an elegant motif which served to unify each tier into a delectable whole - was made from a rich dark chocolate fondant. The main limb seemed to sprout from the circular white base and make its way up the length of the five-tiered cake, sending trailing branches and tendrils across the pristine white surface of each layer.

Delicately crafted blossoms, made from a crimson pink fondant, sprouted along the tips of the thinner branches and lay scattered along each tier. The beautifully made paper thin petals of the blossoms had finely filigreed stamens peeping out from the center of each blossom. These stamens had translucent pearl-like pods at each tip. One could almost sense the fragrance of these pink blossoms filling the room. 

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