This opulent Pink Ombre Wedding Cake was a fabulous challenge for our team. The simple and elegant design had to be perfectly crafted for a luxurious and stylish finish. They certainly worked wonders with their fondant crafting and tinting skills, which made this wedding cake seem to glow under a spotlight.

The cake consisted of four square tiers placed on top of each other on a square base. Each tier was painstakingly decorated with gossamer-thin ruffles of fondant, layered one on top of each other in rows of five per tier. The top of each tier was finished with a smooth layer of milky white fondant. The black carnation placed at the corner of the fourth tier added an element of drama.

Our stylists excelled themselves with the ombre effect they created with the fondant. They started with milky white ruffles of fondant on the top layer, which gradually blended into a pale pink on the second tier and then shaded into darker hues of pink on the two bottom tiers.

This gradual blending of one color hue to another was so skillfully done that guests were reaching for their phones to make sure they had a record of this fabulous pink ombre wedding cake.

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