Purple is the color of royalty, nobility and luxury. It also represents creativity, wisdom and a touch of mystery. The beautiful and graceful orchid, speaks of love, luxury, beauty and strength. Together they make a fabulous combination to decorate a special wedding cake!

Guided by the wishes of the bride, we set out to create this magnificent wedding cake. It was built with four round tiers that were covered in a snow white fondant. An elegant row of tiny white beads in white was placed around the base of each tier. We then created ribbons of different widths in a luscious purple color and wound them around the tiers. The design was abstract, some ribbons crossed, others ran at swooping angles to create a modern and unique look.

We then hand crafted dozens of magnificent orchids in shades of purple and lavender to add a lighter contrast. These flowers are made from sugar and are edible. The topper was formed by a glorious bouquet of orchids. To keep the balance and complete the eye-catching look, we finished it off by placing smaller matching bouquets of orchids between the tiers.

The bride was delighted and this very unique cake added a special ambiance to her celebration. 

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