Red Orchids and Roses Wedding Cake With Gold Accents

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This awe-inspiring cake was created for a bride who wanted loads of red roses and orchids! Red roses are the ultimate flower to declare feelings of devotion and love and orchids symbolize love, luxury, beauty and strength. Together they make a fabulous combination to decorate a special wedding cake.

The cake stood on a silver base and was made of four round tiers. Each tier was covered in a lovely delicate off-white colored fondant. We created wide red ribbons of fondant and placed them around the base of each tier.

Our sugar artists then set to work and fashioned myriads of magnificent orchids and roses. The flowers are all edible! Starting at the top, we placed bouquets of deep red flowers, cascading down one side, tier by tier with the last one resting on the silver base. A few white blooms and green leaves were added for a touch of contrast color.

To complete the look, we decorated the sides of the tiers with piped hand drawn, swirling golden accents. The effect was mesmerising, luxurious and totally awesome!

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