This glorious wedding cake creation with its riot of red peonies was expertly conceived and implemented by our innovative design team.

It consisted of three circular tiers stacked one on top of the other in order of size, on a round base lined with a red silk ribbon. At the base of each tier was a finely detailed pearl-like pattern, repeated a little further up on each layer. This careful attention to detail lent an elegant air to the beautifully crafted wedding cake.

The pristine white fondant that had been used for all three tiers served to highlight the rich red color of the three beautifully rendered posies of red peonies. The two bottom tiers each had an artful arrangement of lustrous red peonies cascading elegantly down the sides. The delicately crafted smaller white flowers, which had been inserted into each arrangement of peonies, echoed the milky white fondant of the three tiers.

The whole creation was elegantly finished with a posy of red peonies at the very top of the cake. In the language of flowers, the peony symbolizes a happy marriage, romance and good fortune. The happy couple felt truly blessed with this wedding cake of a lifetime. 

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