This cheerful creation in yellow and black made it a birthday cake to remember. Our design team set to work with creamy yellow and black fondant to create a realistic depiction of the 3D character, Rocky the Robot Truck. The whole creation was parked realistically on a base of fondant textured to look like gravel. It looked like it had just arrived from a busy day at a construction site.

The massive wheels were made from black fondant with yellow hubcaps. The cab of this dump truck was built out of more yellow fondant with black for the windows and the front grille. There was meticulous attention to detail in the creation of the side mirrors and the red and white chevron patterns on the front body of the truck. The hydraulic lift was made from silver fondant.

The open-box bed made from yellow fondant looked as though it was just about to lift up from the rear and deposit a load of building materials on the ground at the delivery site. Guests were excited to dig in to this delicious truck.

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