This silver bead four-tiered creation was perfectly conceived by our designers for a bride who wanted to make an elegant statement with her wedding cake.

It consisted of four square tiers layered from largest to smallest, and placed on a sturdy pedestal. Each tier was offset from the next tier at an angle to ensure it was unique and eye catching. The delicate quilting on the top and third tier was interestingly juxtaposed with a smooth finish on the bottom and second tiers. This quilting technique added to the mouthwatering look of the cake. Guests could almost imagine the silver cake knife gliding through the outer layer of fondant into the delectable inner layer. Exquisitely crafted small beads or dragees were placed at the apex of each diamond panel on the two quilted tiers, creating delightful focal points.

The luxurious decoration around the base of each tier was crafted from beading and silver ribbon, making each layer stand out stylishly. Perched on the top tier of this square wedding cake were the beautifully wrought letters ‘C’ and ’A’.

The overall effect was one of understated opulence. 

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