Our Superhero cakes are popular for all ages: children and adults, movie fans, comic book fans, computer game enthusiasts and even wannabe superheroes.

This 3D bust of one of the world’s favorite superheroes took the cake though. It was so realistic it looked as though Spiderman was emerging from the black plinth. Guests felt as though they should apologize before taking a bite of Spiderman’s rippled muscles.

The broad shoulders and muscled chest of this brave superhero were decorated in his trademark red suit covered with finely spun silver cobwebbing and a silver spider logo at the center. His ripped neck tendons supported his finely crafted masked head, which looked just like the famous comic superhero character, complete with arachnid-like eyes.

The red fondant gave the appearance of being stretched tight over the muscular figure. The detailed filigree of the silver cobwebs gave a very realistic, yet edible, effect to this superhero creation.

At any moment, guests expected this 3D character to burst out from the black plinth and fight the villains.

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