Our creative team outdid themselves with this very realistic rendition of a generously proportioned striped bass fish laid out on a dinner platter. It looked as fresh as though it had just been caught off the Atlantic coast. This plump, juicy fish would have made any fisherman proud of his catch.

The rectangular base was covered in lettuce green finely textured fondant, with a scattering of crunchy-looking baby carrots. The outer covering of fondant on this large specimen was delicately textured to depict very realistic silvery scales with a lifelike sheen to them. Our cake designers even managed to represent the longitudinal darkish stripes on the fish’s streamlined body. The lifelike shape of this striped bass fish was finished off with the fins of the tail typical of the specimen on one end. On the other end, the pink fondant beautifully depicted the inner area of the fish’s large mouth.

Guests were delighted to sample some of this fishy cake presented on a dinner plate – the taste was certainly not fishy! It was sweet and delicious with delectable fillings! 

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