Most people would rather not be reminded about the dentist, but a graduate from dental school would be love to celebrate with a cake like this! This was certainly one of the most unusual cakes we have created! We started with a round base in white and placed the words 'Congratulations' in huge black fondant letters around the front. A soft cloth lies on the base. It is made from a bright pink fondant and folds in waves. The base is surrounded by a black ribbon to give a neat and contrasting effect. Lying on the cloth are a variety of dental instruments, which we had great fun creating from a silver shaded fondant, to look just like the real items. We have a variety of dental picks and a dental mirror. The cake itself is one huge tooth (with no holes in it)! The shape resembles the large rounded crown of the tooth and the roots. The tooth stands on the pink cloth. The 20 guests who attended the graduation ceremony where blown away by the cake! Inside we had a great filling of chocolate. The client specifically wanted an egg-free mixture and we obliged!
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