This magnificent musically inspired violin cake was the perfect choice for cellist David and was guaranteed to please the music lovers invited to his birthday celebration.

We started with a rich, deep red colored base, onto which we placed the beautifully crafted violin and bow.

Lying next to the instrument was a white fondant music scoresheet with a short heartfelt message for the birthday boy. The curling edges of the music sheet added a lovely touch, creating the impression that this sheet had been written a long time ago. We chose a font in the same style as that used on music sheets, an intricate detail done to impress the musicians present, as it is a familiar format they understand well.

The upper and lower bouts of the violin cake were covered in fondant and finished in a rich brown wood look with a high polished shine. This luxurious effect added to the overall beauty of the violin, an instrument of elegance and culture that takes years to master.

To complete the scene, the bow was placed adjacent to the violin, creating a sense of a musician who had just laid down his instrument after entertaining an audience with a magnificent Vivaldi Sonata.

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