To wow a Star Wars fan who was celebrating a special event, we were asked to recreate Yoda as a cake!

This iconic little creature is known the world over as a Jedi Master who trained for over 800 years and unlocked the path to immortality. He is small in size but extremely wise and powerful, which we wanted to portray in this awesome cake replica of him.

Yoda stands in a fighting position about to swing his lightsaber during a duel with Count Dooku. Our designers dressed him in his classic light pink robe, brown shirt and brown pants. His facial expression reflects the serious mood of the battle he was encountering. For his skin color we used a green fondant and added different hues and shading for texture. We finished Yoda white nails, pointy long ears and a smooth scalp. Placed on a rectangular black and grey granite-style base, he holds his lightsaber firmly above his head, ready to take on the enemy!

The Star Wars fans who attended the event were blown away by this realistic figure of Yoda and he tasted delicious too.

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